The definition of CrossFit is constantly varied functional movements performed at a high intensity. One aspect that attracts many athletes is the “constantly varied” part. Every day is a different workout. It never gets boring. You are always finding things to improve on. At Chaka Crossfit we work in training Cycles to ensure our athletes are getting the most of their hour with us. We ensure all aspects of an athlete's training are worked on.


It is our coaching philosophy to ensure all WORKOUTS are adaptable to all levels. Scaling is making modifications to a workout of the day to align with your fitness level, experience, and skills. Scaling is not cheating, and it doesn't give you any less of a workout. When it comes to scaling, you can scale three main ways: load, reps/rounds, or movements.


Our class starts with everyone gathering near the WORKOUT BOARD to review the workout of the day. Our warm ups are coach led and normally run for 10-15 minutes and are designed to increase your heart rate and loosen the body and include movement review. As you’ll see when you join a group class , there might be 10 different scaled versions of the same workout happening at the same time. But everyone sweats, everyone finishes together, and everyone smiles.


CrossFit is an empowering cross-training workout program where your whole body gets involved. All workouts can be scaled to your ability and fitness level and all movements can be substituted with alternative equipment or movements.


No barbells! This fun and fast paced group fitness class will pair high intensity interval work with bodyweight and strength components.

Personal Training

It’s okay if a group setting isn’t for you. One incredible way to make progress is to individually partner with a coach with whom you can develop a relationship.

Youth Training

This program is designed for teen athletes to build overall athleticism through movement, strength, power, and conditioning. Whatever your sport, we’ll help take your performance to a higher level.

Upcoming Events

Kids CrossFit Advanced


CrossFit Kids Ages 6-10

9/11/22-10/02/22. @9:00am

Kids CrossFit Parent Chaka Fit

Pack 6 classes


10/28-12/1 6 Weeks. 6:30PM


Our workouts can be scaled to a variety of ability and fitness levels. There are typically two sections to each day: “CrossFit Strength” and “CrossFit WOD”. To view either one, click on the three-lined icon to the right of the heading.


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