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CrossFit is an empowering cross-training workout program where your whole body gets involved. All workouts can be scaled to your ability and fitness level and all movements can be subbed out with alternative equipment or movements.

  • Price includes unlimited CrossFit classes, Bootcamp, open gym and Barbell Club
  • Discounts for additional family, military, full-time students, law enforcement, seniors (55+)



10 Pack

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This fun and fast paced group fitness class will pair high intensity interval work with bodyweight and strength components. 

  • Class meets on Sundays at 10 am
  • No experience is necessary
  • Ages 12+ are welcome

CrossFit Kids & Adult Bootcamp


6-week program
Starts March 21

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Making exercise fun for kids, while at the same time providing time for the parents to work out.

  • Class meets on Sundays at 10 am
  • No experience is necessary
  • Ages 6-12 for kids

Intro to CrossFit


3 Sessions

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Barbells aren’t extreme, only unfamiliar. And once you get a barbell in your hands you feel like you’ve joined an elite club. We will teach you the basics and ease you into the full CrossFit experience.

  • 3 individual sessions with a coach to evaluate your movement and familiarize you with the exercises prior to starting your CrossFit membership
  • Prerequisite for a CrossFit membership if you have less than 3 months of CrossFit experience
  • This does not apply if you do not plan on using barbells

9AM Class



This custom timeslot was made for those with non-traditional work hours or unpredictable schedules. These 9 am classes are identical to our other CrossFit classes.

  • Limited to only the 9AM class which is held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Personal Training


1, 3 or 6 Sessions

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It’s okay if a group setting isn’t for you. One incredible way to make progress is to individually partner with a coach with whom you can develop a relationship.

  • 1 on 1 with coach
  • 45-minute session(s)

Barbell Club

Included with Membership



Everyone, from novice to pro, needs extra work on their barbell technique. In this class, we break down the movements for easy learning – starting with a PVC pipe and slowly working our way up.

  • Included with the CrossFit membership
  • Weekly group class

Individual Reboot


One Time Charge

crossfit harrisburg pa new cumberland

Getting through the first 3 months is the difference between making a lifestyle change verses fizzling out.  So it’s helpful to have an accountability partner to get over that hump. Your partner coach will set you up for success with nutrition, exercise and accountability.

  • This is an additional charge to the monthly CrossFit membership
  • Individual assessment and weigh-in
  • Discussion of goals and concerns
  • Personalized plan
  • Monthly meeting with coach



Drop-ins & Punchcards

Sometimes you might be visiting the area for a short time. We have options for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be fit before joining?

No, it is our job to help you grow in your fitness. We accept you where you are at in your fitness journey. We would be honored to be your partner in helping you take your first steps.

All exercises are ‘scalable’, meaning each individual exercise will have different movements depending on your ability. If a workout calls for a pull-up, the scaled options are ring rows, or band-assisted pull-ups. During class, you will see a good mix of all levels.

We don’t expect you to be fit, but we do hope you are friendly.

Here is a candid photo of a class where the workout called for a pull-up. We celebrate everyone for their courage and effort.

Membership Billing

Memberships are paid in advance of service

New memberships will be billed on your start date, and then each month on the same date thereafter for those that are renewable each month.  

Acceptable payment types are ACH bank withdraw, credit card, cash or check.

Membership Discounts

Members eligible for discounted memberships must provide proof via email.  Military discount includes Active Military and Retired Military (20+ years) with Military ID.   Student discount applies to Full-Time students with copy of class schedule.  LEO requires copy of department ID.  Seniors (55+) require copy of Driver’s License.  “Chaka Clan Plan” requires cohabitation.

Military Discounts & Membership Holds

Members eligible for discounted memberships must provide proof via email.  Military discount includes Active Military and Retired Military (20+ years) with Military ID. 

Holds are available for active military personnel who are deployed and other leaves of absence greater than two weeks.

Cancellations, Refunds & Terminations

You can cancel your membership at any time. Please note that you must cancel your membership in writing before it renews for a subsequent month in order to avoid being charged for the next month’s membership fee. If you cancel your membership, the cancellation will become effective at the end of the then-current month membership period.

Refunds will not be provided for any membership. We do not provide credit, refunds, or prorated billing for memberships that are cancelled mid-month. In such circumstances, you will continue to have an active membership until the end of the monthly billing cycle.

Violation of any membership terms and conditions may result in termination of membership.